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Cats May Get 9 Lives, But We Get Second Acts
Comebacks and second acts are a wonderful thing. A runner stumbles in the beginning, but brings home the win. A boxer falls to the ground after a heavy hit, but wins the final round.  

We love to see that inspiring moment when someone can turn their situations around and overcome the odds, but comebacks and second acts ... CONTINUE READING
Not Every GI is a Joe        
My daughter Austin graduated from Johns Hopkins University this year. One of her sorority sisters, Katelyn Koons, and a group of mechanical engineering students created an amazing invention for female veteran amputees. You see, women who need a prosthetic foot after losing a lower limb to injury or disease have limited options when it comes to footwear ... until now ... CONTINUE READING 
Memes and Recipes


Check out funny memes and photos, and get a great recipe for tasty popcorn balls with a twist!  CONTINUE READING











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