The Secret Solution to a Quicker Case

Lately there have been some positive changes that allow consumers to receive quicker results on their case.

 One of the greater changes is the use of e-mail. Every Court system that we participate in uses it. With the passing of time, all lawyers and law firms must use e-mail. 

In fact, lawyers are required by the Florida Bar and the Court system to have an email address, and all systems now solely use electronic and/or fax filing.

These days, a client is at a disadvantage if they do not have an e-mail address and use it regularly.

There are some parts of the system that are still not electronic. For instance, Workers’ Compensation insurance lawyers insist that many documents are notarized, and current law requires an in-person meeting with a notary. This law may change in the future, but for now it is still a non-electronic process.

Those who do not have a smart phone or Internet acces
can set up a free Google mail account at their public library. While visiting a library takes a bit of time, it is nothing compared to the time saved by the end of a case.

Having an e-mail account increases the speed of information which in turn saves money for us and our client. 

E-mail makes it quicker for our clients to share information with my team. The sooner we receive important information, the sooner we can handle it and provide our clients with prompt updates on their case. In many systems, you can barely file anything with a Clerk of Court’s office if you do not have e-mail and Internet access. Some systems still allow paper filing, of course, but the waiting periods are much longer.

For instance, the Social Security Administration allows manual filing, but making an appointment can take two weeks. Whereas you could fill out the application online instantly the moment you are unable to work due to sickness or illness.

You can even access accident reports, your insurance information, and your bills online. Doctor’s offices are setting up medical portals to allow direct access to medical records as well.

If a friend or family member have a legal issue, help them set up an e-mail account. The instant access will save enormous time and money.


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