Springtime is the most optimal time of the year to go adventuring in Florida; the nights are still cool and the days have yet to become muggy and mosquito heavy. I always try to take advantage of this weather and spend some quality time outdoors.

We are fortunate to live in such a state that offers a vast majority of outdoor activities. Even if you do not consider yourself a big “outdoors person”, there is still something for everyone! This is why I moved to the sunshine state.


Have you been to one of Florida’s many springs? If not, now is the time! Alexander Springs and Rainbow Springs are a favorite within my family. The crystal clear water, beautiful wildlife, and luscious grass areas make these springs a great day trip! Many springs also have impressive hiking trails nearby or offer kayaks/canoes to use. Also, with manatee season ending in the spring, try to make it out to see these gentle giants for yourself before they’re gone! You can find them at select natural springs—Blue Springs has been successful for me before.


Looking for a more immersive outdoor experience? Check out Florida’s unique camping grounds. If you catch the weather on an especially cool night, you may have the opportunity to truly sleep under the stars. Florida’s state parks offer many campgrounds and facilities if you’re not an experienced enough camper to “rough it” out in the open.


For the foodies out there, now’s your chance to enjoy a refreshing picnic before the summer heat hits! Florida is a unique environment with an array of hidden and scenic views that may not be known to everyone. Take some time to go explore a new path or lake with a picnic basket full of your favorites and you might just stumble upon your new go-to spot.

What are your favorite springtime activities? I'd love to hear!

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