What are the costs and benefits of undocumented workers?

There are several segments of America’s economy, and many people that benefit from illegal immigration.


And there are some that unduly pay the cost for it.


Who Benefits From Undocumented Workers?


Undocumented workers provide the demand for physical labor. Plus, if a worker is undocumented, he or she may be willing to work for less. The construction industry, agriculture industry, and other similar areas of the economy benefit because they get cheaper labor.


Who Pays the Cost for Undocumented Workers?

In this country, you are guaranteed a right to go to the hospital when you are injured.


If a construction worker has a life-threatening injury, for example, he is immediately taken to the hospital and treated for that injury. Usually, if an employee is seriously injured on the job, workers’ compensation or the employer will pay the bill.


The problem that I see, however, is that an undocumented worker may not want to be involved in the workers’ comp legal system. 


So who pays for the worker’s trip to the hospital and the life-saving care and treatment that he received? You do. 


Hospital bills run up quickly, and unpaid bills don’t just disappear.


What happens next is higher health care costs for everyone else. By scraping money off the top of your health care costs, the hospital can eventually cover the costs that were never paid by undocumented workers.


Bottom line: when someone has serious injuries, someone has to pay for it.


Doesn’t matter if you deport someone or not, that person has serious injuries and now the hospital is stuck with the bill. When the hospital is stuck with a bill, you end up paying for it.


It’s a complicated situation, but I think it’s important to understand the consequences, who is paying and who is benefiting. 




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