Law firms are notorious for adapting to technology at a glacial pace...

Wade, did you know several law firms still use massive quantities of paper files and still hold on to huge boxes and binders full of hard copies of old case files? You'd think these law firms are trapped in the 1990's!

You might be wondering…Why do some law firms struggle with adapting to new technology? Well, it is true that nobody wants their job to be replaced by technology. Plus, most people do not like change.

But like it or not, technology is advancing more and more every day, and I believe that you can either ignore it and become obsolete, or embrace it and evolve.


At Coye Law Firm, we are constantly looking for new ways to help our clients...

We embrace technology, as it helps us save time and create a more efficient system.

Without technology, my team and I wouldn’t be able to help as many people as we do across Florida and across other states that I practice in – like Michigan and New York.

Here are other ways technology has helped us:

1) Just a couple years ago, the Coye Law Firm officially went “paperless” (paperless as in less paper, but not paper free).

Not only did going paperless help our efficiency with client's legal matters, but it also helps protect the environment! We also ended up with hundreds of empty, gently-used notebook binders, which we donated to a local elementary school in need.

2) E-mailing instant contracts at the click of a button, so we can begin working on your case – faster!

In the past, if a client couldn’t make it to our office, we would have to mail contracts (a process that could take a few days to a couple weeks). Now, we use a service that can instantly send contracts to your email address. This allows us to help anyone, no matter the distance, and it allows us to begin working on a client’s case immediately.

3) Using video conferences to have face-to-face meeting with our clients – without them ever having to leave the house.

Video conferences allow us to have meaningful interactions with our clients no matter where they are. Pretty soon, we may use our video conference equipment to host hearings in our office! That’s right, some Judges are now appearing by video, which means some of our clients could have their hearing without stepping foot in a courthouse.

4) New apps that allow us to text from our landline.

While most law firms have a basic landline, Coye Law Firm uses a new app that allows clients to text directly to our landline number. Our clients can text us to confirm their upcoming appointments, and anyone browsing our website on their phone can easily shoot us a text with their legal questions with the click of a button! (Just look for the orange “Text” button on our homepage, or just send a text to 407-648-4940.)


These are just a few ways that technology helps us help you.

I wonder what new technology we’ll try next?


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