...but you can't take the farmer out of the man!
My family and I are currently in Moscow. It's funny...as we are exploring the new sights and sounds of Red Square (the center of the Russian government) I stumbled upon a blast from the past - a Belarus tractor.
Growing up on a dairy farm in upstate New York, I am all too familiar with Belarus tractors. My Dad and brother have Belarus tractors. Dad and Grandpa Coye purchased the first one in (I think) '75 - shortly after they became available following the Nixon/Brezhnev Summit. 

Russia still makes a great tractor- in the photo to the right, my son Brady and I spotted a couple used for snow removal near the Kremlin (home of Russia's president). 
President Putin - if you see this, I am waiting for a tour of the local dealer!
See you in 2017,



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