What do I do after an accident?

First and foremost, always consider your health and well-being and call 911. Seek medical attention without delay. If there were no witnesses to the incident, tell the property owner what occurred as soon as possible. If someone else witnessed your injury, ask them to report what they know to the owner while you are having the injury taken care of.

In general, it may be helpful to gather copies of all the documentation possible, including an insurance card. Here are a few things to think about in this process:

  • Take photos (or have the medical facility photograph) your injuries. Try to get the injury from as many angles and with as much light as possible. There can never be “too many” photos if the case goes to litigation.
  • Take photos of the site where the injury occurred, from as many angles and as clear as possible. Try to get maximum information into the photos – every foot of area you capture could help your attorney in court.
  • Write up an “incident report” in your own words of what happened. It doesn’t need to be in formal language, but jot down as many details as you can. This could be vital to reconstructing the event later.

Remember: If the claim goes to litigation, your lawyer will value photographic evidence and any documentation from witnesses which assist in event re-creation. Make sure the attorney is provided the company name for the medical care providers, and the name any witnesses, management, or personnel involved on the date of the incident. These details are especially important if the injury has occurred to your child as childhood injuries sometimes involve more intensity and potential complications than adult injuries.

My car was struck by a car that had been rear-ended on the highway. Who can I hold responsible for my injuries?

A personal injury claim involves an important factor: negligence on the part of the person who inflicted harm upon another. There is a common law rule in Florida that states a person injured can bring suit against any or all of those who caused them harm. In a case like this, it will depend on the chain of events and the exact situation to determine who will be The advice of an attorney can help you determine the areas of liability that are likely to give you the best chance at a full recovery.

My car was hit and the driver fled. No one was injured. What charges can the at-fault driver face?

Leaving the scene of an accident where property damage occurred is a misdemeanor in Florida. If the accident resulted in an injury, it is a second-degree felony to flee the scene. The at-fault driver could face up to 15 years in prison if this occurred.

How much is my case worth?

Personal injury cases that arise from car accidents are meant to recover benefits for the injured driver. These benefits can range from medical bill reimbursement, lost wages, or pain and suffering in more serious circumstances. Every case is different and will require To recover any benefits, documentation and reports from reputable doctors or other professionals are essential. The car accident attorneys at the Coye Law Firm want to help those injured in car accidents recover what they are owed under Florida law. 

What should I bring to the first meeting with a lawyer?

After calling our offices to set up a consultation, your attorney or case manager may recommend that you bring certain paperwork to get your case started. In general, you should bring:

  • The information exchanged between drivers
  • Your auto insurance card
  • Your group health insurance card
  • Your driver's license
  • Any hospital or doctoral paperwork for your injuries
  • Pictures from the accident

Do I pay you anything if I don't get a recovery?

The auto accident injury lawyers of the Coye Law Firm do their best to recover maximum benefits for clients. We work on a contingency fee, meaning you don't have to pay if we don't make a recovery.

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