What do I do if I slip and fall in my hotel lobby?

If you are injured and unsure about getting up, call for help. Never risk further injury by underestimating the extent to which you are hurt. Allow someone else to phone for medical response and ask someone to alert the hotel management. If management becomes involved, do not sign or agree to anything until you’ve spoken with an attorney. Ask a friend, family member, or witness to take pictures of the location and circumstances.

Why shouldn’t I wait until I get home to see my own doctor and file suit then?

If you are injured on vacation, don’t wait to get home to seek medical attention – do so immediately. Not only will you make sure that you are healthy enough to travel home safely, you will be able to begin any litigation process more quickly should you decide to file a suit. Your health comes first, and the longer you wait to address medical issues the more complicated it may become to address legal ones.

I was on a vacation outside of the state when I got into a car accident while driving my own car and was injured. I am an insured driver. Will my insurance company pay for my injuries?

As long as you have PIP insurance, your PIP coverage should pay for your medical treatment. If you were driving your vehicle, any insurance coverage will follow your vehicle, regardless of where you get into an accident. This also applies to insured relatives who were in your motor vehicle. If your car accident injuries are costly, contact the personal injury attorneys at the Coye Law Firm.

What do you mean by “tourist injury”?

A “tourist injury ” is typically any type of personal injury which occurs to a person who is a non-resident of Florida and is visiting for business or pleasure. These can include car accidents, slip-and-falls, dog bites, pool accidents, or burns, amongst other types of personal injuries which may have been the result of someone else’s negligence.

What if I don’t know about the problem until I get home?

In the event that an injury is not discovered until you arrive home, or that you are on your way out of state when an injury occurs (such as a slip-and-fall at the airport, for example) seek medical attention as soon as possible. Being out of state will not affect the process of filing a personal injury claim. In today’s digital age it is usually possible to communicate efficiently about these cases over long-distances.

What do I do if I am injured at a beach or on other public property?

The Florida Coastal Management Program is responsible for maintaining signage at public beaches and other waterways. In case of an emergency seek medical attention immediately, document the incident as best you can with photographs and written statements, and contact both an FCWP representative and an attorney as soon as possible.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is responsible for the maintenance of off-highway public property roads, as well as distribution of hunting and fishing licenses and the necessary safety which accompanies these kinds of activities. If you are injured on public property in a fishing, hunting, boating, or “off-roading” accident, seek medical attention immediately and document the incident as thoroughly as possible with photographs and written statements. You should report the incident to the appropriate regional office and contact an attorney immediately about your rights.

What do I do if I, or my child, are injured on an attraction at any amusement park?

Report the injury to the operator of the ride immediately. Have that person call for both medical assistance and their manager at the same time. Complete any “incident report” the park management requires so that they have it properly documented. Do not sign any agreements or discuss insurance or compensation with any representative of the park until you’ve spoken with an attorney.


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