why attorney turns down a personal injury case claim car accident slip and fall law firm orlando florida why attorney can't cannot take my case“I'm sorry, I don't think we can help."

These are the words you might hear from a law firm when they cannot take a case. While I can’t speak for all injury law firms, at Coye Law Firm we hate to say this.

Whenever we receive calls from prospective clients about legal matters, it is our goal to be as helpful as possible. But sadly, sometimes we have to turn someone down for a variety of reasons.

So what are the reasons why we cannot help someone? There are a few:

1) We may have a conflict of interest.

A "conflict of interest" means we may already represent or at least have spoken with a person whose interests are adverse. For instance, two parties of a divorce, or two people in a car wreck where there is a difference about who is at fault.

Believe it or not, these situations do occur.  

2) The client is better off not suing.  

We may also turn down a case if we think the client might be better off not suing due to the facts of the case.

That does not necessarily mean they do not have a case, only that we do not believe it is in the client's best interest to sue and the chances of winning are poor.   

3) The case does not make sense, financially.

This may be offensive to some. However, while we want to help people, we are simply not in a position to do work without getting paid. Hopefully, this is not shocking. Each case we take that does not result in a payment to us impacts more than just the people in our office - it affects our families as well.

Whenever we receive calls from prospective clients about legal matters, our mission is to be as helpful as possible. This could mean providing a caller with the information they might need to resolve an issue on their own, or suggesting an alternative means other than hiring a lawyer.

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