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What Can You Do After A Public Transportation Accident?

Have You Been Injured Due to Public Transportation?

When a person is in the driver's seat, they will probably take care not to cause any accidents or injuries whether they are driving their own vehicle or a friend's. Passengers can warn of potential dangers, but sometimes their efforts aren't enough to prevent a collision. This scenario may be most confusing when a person is injured while riding on public transportation. 

Why Do People Use Public Transportation?

People have many reasons for using public transportation. In metropolitan areas, such as Orlando, Tampa, Miami, or Tallahassee, public transportation is used to:

  • Help people move about a congested city
  • Help use less energy per person in daily commutes
  • Provide a cheap alternative for those who can't drive 

​Types of Public Transportation 

Public transportation is basically any form of passenger transportation that is open to anyone in the population who chooses to use it. Common forms of public transportation include:

  • Buses
  • Trains, including subways, high-speed rail, trolleys, and commuter trains
  • Ferries
  • Airplanes

All of these forms of transportation have some kind of safety measure to help passengers secure themselves and their belongings. Some may have seat belts, while others may have hand rails. The majority of people who use public transportation may never experience an accident or injury on this form of transit, but those who do may become overwhelmed when it comes to getting treatment or claiming benefits.

How Do Public Transportation Accidents Happen?

Public transit accidents can be caused by:

Accidents can cause injuries. When a person is injured due to any of the above influences, they may be able to claim benefits. The circumstances of the accident and injury determine who may be responsible for medical bills, lost wages, and other potential benefits.


Who Is Responsible in a Public Transportation Accident?

Car accidents are complex, but when you add in the element of a company-owned vehicle driven by an employee, issues of liability may play a large part in who pays benefits.

If your injuries are serious, seek appropriate treatment. This may mean going to a hospital, emergency room, or calling an ambulance. When you're injured in an accident, the most important thing is ensure your safety and comfort. Once that is secure, then you can worry about benefits.

Ordinarily, if you own a car in Florida, you can claim personal injury protection (PIP) benefits from your own insurance policy to help pay for your medical bills even if you were a passenger in another person's car at the time of the accident. But that changes when you're on public transportation; PIP doesn't pay for those instances. If you choose to use your own health insurance, they may have a right to claim benefits from any settlement you collect.

When it comes to getting benefits for your injuries after a public transportation accident, your claim is filed against the company that owns the vehicle. Their automobile insurance policy pays benefits for car accident scenarios in many cases. The policy may include medical payments coverage, which can pay benefits to injured passengers. Some companies elect not to purchase this coverage, so their liability insurance is the next source of benefits. Liability coverage may pay benefits to individuals injured while on the company's property, buildings, or vehicles. This coverage plays a part in other premises liability claims, including slip and falls.

Legal Representation for Complicated Claims

Motor vehicle accidents can be confusing, but when you need to communicate with and pursue benefits from a company, you may feel helpless in the fight. An attorney can stand up for your rights in a public transportation accident. Call the Coye Law Firm to discuss your claim and options. We want to help you get the most for your injuries and hardship.



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