My Disability Benefits Have Stopped. How Do I Get Them Back?

Most disability appeals are conducted after a person's initial application has been denied. But when a beneficiary learns that their benefits will be ending soon for any reason, they have the right to question the decision. An experienced disability attorney can help you appeal any decision you disagree with when it comes to your benefits.

Why Do Disability Benefits End?

Your disability benefits can end for many reasons. Hopefully, your benefits are ending because you've recovered from the illness or condition that kept you from working and earning an income. But sometimes the disability insurance carrier, Social Security Administration, or Department of Veteran's Affairs may end your benefits due to miscommunication or time lapses. If there is any chance that your benefits can be extended, you need an attorney to pursue the extension as soon as possible.
Your disability benefits can stop because you:
  • Reach medical improvement.
  • Have finished a trial work period (9 months within 5 years) and returned to full work.
  • Return to work under a program that is not approved for trial employment.
  • Earn more than the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) maximum each month.
  • Go to jail.
  • Leave the country for an extended period of time.
  • Fail to report changes to your benefits.

What Can I Do When My Disability Benefits End?

The agency that pays you benefits will contact you when your benefits are going to end. This may be through a phone call, but typically it is through a letter sent to your home. You have the right to appeal these decisions, so the correspondence may list what is the next step to do so. In any case, you want a disability attorney to help you. 

During your appeal of stopped disability payments, you may be able to keep receiving checks until a decision is made. This happens in rare circumstances, but your attorney can help you claim what benefits you're entitled to. Call the Coye Law Disability Center to continue your disability checks and ensure that your lost wages are compensated while you're disabled and out of work.


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