Disability insurance claims help policy holders pay for their daily expenses when they are unable to work due to a disabling condition or injury. Some employers offer disability insurance policies as a benefit to employment, while other consumers can buy private policies. If you need disability insurance benefits, use this page to learn how to file a disability insurance claim.

Understand Your Policy

Every insurance policy is different. Companies allow customers to pick and choose coverage options so that they may save money or have greater protections. Disability policies are no different. Read the terms and conditions of your contract to see if your disability qualifies for coverage. If you are unsure, contact a representative who would know, such as the agent who sold it to you or someone in the human resources department of your company.

Notify the Insurance Carrier

Once you've qualified for coverage under your policy, you need to notify the carrier. Request a claim form and fill it out completely and accurately. Ask a doctor, family member, or insurance agent for any information or forms that you need for the claim form. Be honest on your claim form in order to avoid disagreements in the future.

File a claim immediately after you become disabled. An insurance company may see a delayed application and think that the applicant doesn't need benefits as badly because they took a longer time to apply. Request a written statement from your treating doctor that explains the nature of your disability. After making a photocopy of the statement for your own records, send the original to the insurance company.

Maintain contact with the adjuster assigned to your file. Keep a record of all communication, whether electronic, through the mail, or over the phone. Use certified mail to make sure that your important documents reach the intended destination.


Receiving Benefits

Once your claim is received, the insurance carrier may take a few weeks to process and begin paying your benefits. Some insurance companies have online portals that allow customers to monitor the status of their claims. Your insurance company may off fewer benefits than you are entitled to under your contract. If this happens, call an experienced disability claims attorney right away.

If your claim is denied, you need a lawyer to negotiate the insurance dispute on your behalf. Dealing with a disability and being unable to work is enough stress for any individual or family. Call the Coye Law Firm to discuss your disability insurance policy and appeal your denied benefits claim.