How to Apply for Veterans Benefits

Men and women of the United States Military are eligible for disability benefits if they are unable to work because of an injury or condition they developed during their service. If approved, these individuals can get important benefits to replace their lost income. 

There are only a few requirements for veterans benefits , but the application can be complicated without the appropriate information. You must complete the VA form 21-526 in order to get benefits, and it is available from the Department of Veteran's Affairs. The application is 19 pages long and thorough, so have the following information on hand when filling it out:

  • dates and places of military service
  • mailing addresses of units served in
  • list and amounts of military benefits
  • list of disabilities you are claiming
  • treatment dates, places, and names
  • information on exposure that caused the disability (if applicable)
  • spouse's personal information, including Social Security number
  • current and previous marriage information, such as dates and places, for you and your spouse
  • children's personal information, including Social Security number
  • child support payment amounts and dates
  • training and employment history for the past year
  • names and addresses of employers
  • beginning and ending dates of employment
  • nursing home information (if applicable)
  • net worth information for you and your dependents
  • recurring income information for you and your dependents
  • expected income information for you and your dependents

Apply for veterans benefits online at the Veterans Online Application Website . The application gathers a lot of personal information, so the website suggests you use a personal computer to fill it out. Click the "Start VONAPP" button at the site to start your application.

If you choose to fill out the application and mail into the Department of Veteran's Affairs, include discharge or separation papers, dependency records (marriage and children's birth certificates), as well as medical evidence in the package. These supporting documents can speed up your claim and demonstrate to the Department that you may need more benefits.

The Coye Law Firm is an experienced disability law firm with personal military experience. Our attorneys know that disability benefits are vital to wounded or disabled veterans if they are unable to return to military or civilian work. Contact our firm to discuss and appeal your denied veterans disability claim.