In the course of your disability insurance claim or application for benefits from the Social Security Administration, you might need to submit forms in addition to the application itself. These documents do many things, such as authorize the SSA to collect your personal information from doctors or deposit your checks directly into your bank account.
All of these forms are available in .pdf format. When you click on a link, will be downloaded to your computer.


Forms for the Social Security Administration

SSA-827: Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration . This form allows doctors and treatment providers to give the SSA information about your medical condition in order to evaluate how severe it is.

Form 1199a: Direct Deposit Sign-up . If you want the SSA to deposit your benefits checks directly into your account, use this form to give them the information to do so. This program is called direct deposit and can save you a few days and a trip to the bank before using your benefits.

SSA-821: Work Activity Report . You may receive this form in the mail if the SSA wants to know more about your work history. People applying for SSI and SSD may need to fill this out and return it.

SSA-561-U2 . This form is what you file when you want to appeal denied disability benefits. You may find that some information has changed since you first applied for benefits, and this document informs Social Security of those changes. An experienced lawyer can help you complete this document so you have a better chance of having your claim approved.


Forms for Veterans Disability Claims

Form 29-357: Claim for Disability Insurance Benefits. Use this form to apply for veterans benefits. If you developed a disability as a result of injury or illness during military service, this program can pay you compensation for lost wages. 

Form 24-0296: Direct Deposit Enrollment . Veterans can use this form to have their monthly compensation benefits directly deposited into their bank account by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Form FL 29-30a: Supplemental Disability Report. If the Department of Veterans Affairs needs more information about your disability, you may see this form in the mail. It is a short form that details your medical treatment and employment.


Forms for Disability Insurance

    There are many different insurance carriers that can protect you from lost income due to a disability. The following forms are from MetLife and serve only as an example of what forms you may need to complete to get benefits.

Disclosure of Information : MetLife needs your authorization in order to collect personal and medical information about you from your doctors or medical service providers. This form legally lets them gather that information in relation to your disability claim.

Attending Physician Statement : Your doctor will routinely update the insurance company about your condition. This form specifies your physician's contact information and strategy for your treatment. 

Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization : This form lets MetLife deposit your monthly disability insurance benefits into your bank account. This method allows you to use your funds days earlier than receiving a check in the mail. 

   There are many elements to a claim for disability benefits. You may have multiple conditions that keep you from working or a complex insurance policy. If you need to fill out certain forms to get your disability claim approved, you will be contacted and told which ones. A disability lawyer from the Coye Law Firm can find and complete these forms on your behalf in the course of your appeal. Call our offices today to get experienced legal representation.

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