Can I Receive Disability Benefits for Cancer?

Cancer affects many people and their families each year. It is a difficult diagnosis to hear, but there are options for people facing this disease. If your ability to work and earn an income is limited or ended by cancer, then you may be able to replace your lost wages through disability benefits. 

The Different Types of Cancer

"Cancer" is a term used to describe a group of diseases in which cells in the body grow uncontrollably, invade other tissues, and sometimes move to other organs in the body. Some cancers are treatable if found early enough, while others are resistant to treatment and may result in death. 

Most cancers are described by the part of the body they start in, such as breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, or stomach cancer. Other cancers include:

  • Sarcomas, which are found in connective tissues such as cartilage.
  • Lymphomas, which are found in blood-forming cells.
  • Leukemia, which is cancer of the blood or bone marrow.
  • Blastoma, which are defined by tumors caused by malignant, primitive cells. These are usually found in children because the cells are so young.

There are many causes for cancer, including:

  • Lifestyle
  • Heredity
  • Infection
  • Diet
  • Chemical exposure

Medical Treatments for Cancer

Depending on the severity and type of cancer, treatments vary. Surgery, chemotherapy, and prescription drugs can help control cancer or eliminate it in the body all together. Unfortunately, if cancer doesn't claim a person's life, then they will likely need routine care and screenings throughout their life to prevent the cancer from returning. 

The cost of diagnosing, treating, and preventing the return of cancer is extremely high. Health insurance can help individuals and families dealing with the medical bills, but they often need an alternative source of income if cancer prevents the patient from working. This is when disability benefits are essential.


What Benefits Can I Get for Having Cancer?

Supplemental Security Income, Social Security disability, disability insurance, and veteran's disability can pay benefits to individuals dealing with cancer if their condition prevents them from working. Each program has different requirements, but in order to get benefits, all applicants need to prove that cancer is severely limiting their ability to perform daily functions.

Unfortunately, people dealing with severe diseases must also deal with denied disability claims. If your claim for disability due to cancer has been denied, you need an attorney to fight for your case. While you focus on getting healthy, we can focus on getting your wages replaced.

Cancer is a difficult disease to face. Don't let the threat of lost income add to your worries. Get the advice and guidance of an experienced attorney on your side.


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