Employer Retaliation

If you file a workers' compensation claim, it is illegal under the Florida workers' compensation law for your employer to retaliate for this action. The statute states that they cannot fire, threaten to fire, intimidate, or bribe any employee for their workers' compensation claim. If you have experienced a workplace accident or at work injury, contact the dedicated workers compensation attorneys at the Coye Law Firm today.

Methods of Retaliation

Aside from the ones listed above, forms of retaliation can include:
  • Poor performance reviews
  • Wage changes
  • Demotion or withholding of promotions
  • Decreased benefits
  • Changing the nature of the job to make it more difficult
Retaliation is not limited to the injured worker. Employers may punish an employee who testifies for or supports the victim's claim. This is illegal as well. Even if the case is unsuccessful or too weak to be fulfilled, retaliation is not an acceptable practice and you need to pursue a remedy through a workers compensation lawyer.

An employer can intend their actions as being retaliation, but claim they were motivated by other factors. In order to strengthen the argument that the workers compensation claim caused the retaliation, it is important to keep track of dates, communication, or other aspects of the workplace relationship. 

An attorney at the Coye Law Firm can help you in your claim by putting experience and skill to work. Our workers compensation department knows the system well and can inform you of the ways that the retaliation can be stopped or reversed. Protect you workers compensation rights by calling our offices today.