Estimating Social Security Disability Benefits

How Do I Calculate Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration offers a few different calculators for calculating future benefits in place of a wage. The "quick calculator "estimates benefits based on your birthdate and past earnings. There are more requirements and considerations in calculating SSD benefits that this page doesn't take into account, so this calculator gives a very basic idea of the amount you can expect.

The standard online calculator requires users to input much more information, including complete earnings history. Once finished, the calculator determines other benefits you may be able to claim.

The most detailed calculator must be installed onto your computer to work. Visit the SSA's website if you are interested in this option, which gives you the most precise estimate of your future benefits.

Calculating Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

The SSI pays a standard amount, which is adjusted by marital status and income. For individuals, their benefits start at $674. For couples, their benefits start at $1,011. Eligible income is deducted from these amounts before a check is issued. Additionally, some states add to the SSI benefits. These states include:

Purchasing Disability Insurance

Generally, insurance policies strictly outline the benefits you are eligible to receive if they go into effect. Plan for your needs before you buy a policy. Consider your life's expenses, such as:

  • Education
  • Children
  • Retirement
  • Car payments
  • Other insurance policies
  • Medical expenses
  • Daily expenses (food, entertainment)

Review your policy to estimate your future benefits.

Can Veterans Receive Benefits?

Veterans can get disability compensation that is proportional to the extent of their injuries or illnesses. A veteran's impairment can vary, so they are given a rating from 10-100%. The higher the rating of impairment, the higher the benefits per month. 

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