Personal injury claims resulting from a car accident, defective product, dog bite, or medical malpractice can leave lasting effects on an injured person. If you've been injured as a result of someone else's negligence, seek medical treatment immediately. If your condition lasts and prevents you from returning to work, apply for disability benefits and call the Coye Law Firm. We can defend your rights and help you get benefits for your injuries.

Personal Injury

An unfortunate reality in today's world is that people are injured each day due to another person's negligence. People take precautions to stay safe from harm, but others may not consider another's safety when maintaining their property, driving, manufacturing a product, or acting in other ways. Negligence is the key element in a personal injury claim. If you believe that your injuries could have been prevented by a person or group acting more carefully, you may have a claim.

Some personal injuries are minor and easy to recover from, but others are devastating. If you have a disability resulting from a personal injury, you may not be able to work and provide for yourself or your family the way you did before your injury. The Coye Law Firm wants to assist you.


Qualifying for Disability Benefits

If you have a disability insurance policy for yourself or through work, then review the terms of your contract to see how to qualify. In order to claim Social Security Income, you'll need to have substantial work history in addition to other requirements. Supplemental Security Income helps individuals and families who have limited income and resources in addition to dealing with a disability. These two government programs are designed to help provide income if working is not an option. Learn more at each program's page. 

The Coye Law Firm works to help injured people recover from accidents or unfortunate circumstances. If your personal injury case left you with a disability and you can't work, contact the Coye Law Firm. We can work with you to examine all available benefits and appeal denied claims.