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What Kind Of Benefits Can I Get After A Car Accident?

Benefits For Car Accident Victims

Motor vehicle accidents can be shocking, frightening, and life-changing. The resulting injuries and property damage may be too much to handle if the accident was serious or fatal. Your legal rights and options change based on the circumstances of your crash. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents Include:

Depending on your accident, you may be able to recover benefits for:

If a child was seriously injured, their parents may have a Fillial Consortium claim to damages. Likewise, if an adult is seriously injured in a vehicle accident, their spouse may be able to collect benefits due to Loss of Consortium. If the claimant's injuries prevent them from working, they may also have a claim for disability. The laws and available insurance policies affect a victim's ability to collect benefits, so talk to a lawyer at the Coye Law Firm today. We can discuss your options in a free consultation.

Are you concerned about the process of getting a driver's license
 or an accident involving someone with a learner's permit? We can help.

Were you injured by a distracted driver? Was texting to blame for your car accident? Call us today!

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