The Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Program 

The Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) is part of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and helps disabled individuals return to work. It is a good way for beneficiaries to work on their physical and financial recoveries at the same time. This page discusses the advantages of the PASS program and how to enroll.

What is PASS?

If an individual is approved to participate in the PASS program, then they can make extra deductions from their countable income if the money goes towards their work goal. For example, if a person needs to buy uniforms in order to begin work at a job that will lead them to achieve an employment goal, they can deduct the expense as a part of their PASS.

How do I Apply for the PASS Program?

To apply for PASS, an SSI beneficiary needs to communicate with many people. You can set a work goal yourself or with the help of vocational rehabilitation counselors. If you are involved in the Ticket to Work program, you can use their employment networks to explore your options as well. 

Your local Social Security office can put you in contact with employers, counselors, or work advocates that can help you create a work program that you can manage while you recover from your injury or condition. You need to visit a Social Security office to complete the PASS form. It is a detailed plan for your work goals and should be completed with the help of an experienced disability lawyer.

You may be able to form a self-employment plan as a part of your PASS. To do so, you need a detailed business plan. The SSA usually approves plans that are prepared by a vocational rehabilitation counselor, so this may be the best option if you want to get back to work as soon as possible. To speak with someone directly about your PASS program, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

I was Denied PASS. What are My Next Steps?

If your plan for self-support is denied, you can appeal the decision. You have the right to work towards self-support, so you need an attorney to help you get your plan approved. Your work-related expenses can be a large part of your monthly budget. If you're recovering from a disabling injury on top of trying to get back to work, you need help in filing your appeal. 

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