Car accidents are frightening. More serious crashes are difficult to anticipate or avoid, which leaves the drivers feeling confused and blindsided. Rollover crashes happen in an instant and leave all of those involved stunned. If a negligent driver caused a rollover accident that you were injured in, you can hold them responsible by calling an experienced Orlando car accident attorney.

The personal injury lawyers of the Coye Law Firm are dedicated to helping individuals and families involved in rollover car accidents heal, both physically and financially. After you begin treatment for serious injuries, call our offices to schedule a free consultation with a compassionate attorney.

What are some Rollover Scenarios?

Rollover crashes, like any other car accident, can be caused by a number of factors. Whether your accident happened on a highway, in a parking lot, or on a county road, it could be caused by a negligent driver:
  • Traveling at a high rate of speed  
  • Swerving through traffic lanes
  • Driving while distracted
  • Racing
  • Driving while drunk
  • Disobeying posted traffic signs

If a driver ignores laws and causes a car accident, they should be held responsible for the damage that their negligent actions have caused. Negligence is the most important part of a personal injury claim. People have the responsibility to act with the safety of others in mind. When a person acts without thinking about the safety of those around them-or doesn't act at all-and causes damage, the victim can pursue benefits from them.

Types of Rollover Accident Injuries

Car accidents in which the vehicle flips are the most devastating. It can take a lifetime to recover from serious injuries in a rollover crash, such as:

Unfortunately, deaths are a common result of rollover crashes. If your loved one has been involved in a car accident and died from another driver's actions, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim and you need an attorney to get justice for your pain and suffering.

Attorney's Guidance

Personal injuries and wrongful deaths are emotionally and financially overwhelming. Seek treatment for your injuries right away: let our experienced car accident lawyers and staff pursue benefits for you. The ultimate goal is for you and your loved ones to get better. 
While your safety and well-being are assured, our staff works hard to get compensation for any damages to your property. Sport utility vehicles, or SUVs, are prone to rollovers because of their higher center of gravity. No matter what type of vehicle you own, we communicate with your insurance company to get all benefits you are entitled to under your policy.


The Coye Law Firm is a compassionate and accomplished law firm that pursues justice for those who have been negatively affected by another's negligence. Call our offices to discuss your rollover car accident case during a free consultation.



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