Statistics about the Supplemental Security Income Program

The information on this page is based on May 2015 statistics released by the Social Security Administration.

  • Total number of SSI recipients: 9,211,209
  • Federal government benefits recipients: 9,034,100
  • Federal & state gov't benefits recipients: 1,712,994
  • Total money paid to all recipients: $54,966,168
  • Average monthly SSI payment: $681.39
  • SSI recipients under 18 years old: 1,388,593 
  • SSI recipients between 18 and 64: 5,471,341 
  • SSI recipients over age 65: 2,351,275 

For more statistics, visit the Social Security Administration's website

These Supplemental Security Income statistics can help give you a better idea of the way the program operates. For example, you can see that most SSI recipients are between ages 18 and 64, so one can assume that the chances of being approved for SSI are higher if you are in this age group.

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