One thing all drivers should be aware of is their blind spots. While bicycles and motorcycles don'thave this issue, failure to pay attention to one's blind spots can create dangerous situations for other drivers and pedestrians. If you were in an accident caused by another driver's negligence, call the Coye Law Firm to learn more about your options. 

Blind Spot Accidents

Blind spots make it difficult for drivers to see certain sections around their vehicles. A blind spot can cause an accident while driving or backing up. In a city like Orlando, it's common for there to not only be other cars, but bikers, motorcycles, or pedestrians in a blind spot and an accident between a car and a pedestrian can be deadly. It's important to always be aware of your surroundings while driving, especially in areas frequented by large amounts of people.

How to Avoid Blind Spot Accidents

Physically Check- One of the easiest ways to check a blind spot while driving is to just look over your shoulder. It's important to do this carefully while you're still driving and to not forget it while backing out.

Adjust Mirrors- The mirrors on your car can be incredibly useful. Make sure to adjust them to give yourself the best possible visibility. Although it is probable that your mirrors will not give you full view of your blind spots, they can still be helpful.

Slow Down- When driving at high speeds, it's difficult to pay attention to your blind spots as well as the road ahead. Try slowing down to spot the oncoming vehicles in your blind spot. This can be incredibly helpful, especially when merging or turning on a road.

Blind Spot Mirrors- While the mirrors on your car are great, you can buy special blindspot mirrors to attach to your mirrors. These are a cheap addition that can be picked up at most auto parts stores. They make your blindspot entirely visible while driving.

Who is at fault?

Car accidents are tricky. It is often difficult to discern who is at fault and blind spot accidents are no different. However, if you were a pedestrian involved in an accident like this, your injuries may be more extensive and you deserve help. Seek out the medical assistance you need for your injuries, then call the Coye Law Firm for help. We want to help you recover and receive the benefits you deserve.


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