Workers Compensation Benefits

Employees who have been hurt on the job may be able to claim certain benefits from their employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier. If they were hurt within the scope of their employment, the injured worker needs to report the injury within 30 days. Anyone who misses this deadline runs the risk of not having their injuries, lost wages, disability, or future costs covered by workers' compensation.

Every injury is different, so workers compensation carriers are required by law to pay certain benefits to workers. Workers with injuries that require medical treatment may be able to claim benefits to pay their bills, and if they miss work they might also be able to claim lost wages. Serious injuries require a lot of care and time, so workers with catastrophic injuries may also be able to claim total or partial disability benefits, even permanent impairment benefits if their injury is life-long.


Benefits Available to Injured Workers

Lost Wage Benefits

How Unemployment Benefits Fit with Workers Compensation

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

Impairment Benefits