Choosing a Workers Compensation Doctor

An on the job injury can be stressful and overwhelming. You need medical treatment to recover and return to normal. But how do you choose a doctor? Which ones are covered by workers' compensation insurance? In order to avoid insurance disputes and missteps, you need an attorney to help determine which doctors you can visit.

The Coye Law Firm wants to help you get the best and more effective medical treatment for your at work injury. contact our workers compensation lawyers to determine the best approach to your treatment and develop a plan to get you healthy and gainfully employed.

How Referrals Work

If the state requires your employer to have workers' compensation insurance coverage for their employees, then they buy a policy with an insurance company. This is the insurance company you deal with when getting benefits for medical bills and lost wages. They refer you to a doctor depending on your injury and coverage limits.

If your employer and their insurance company acknowledges that your injury is the result of an on the job injury, then they may send you to an urgent care or walk in clinic. Once a doctor is able to assess your condition, they may write a prescription or referral letter for treatment at another, more specialized doctor. 

A specialized doctor practices medicine for a specific part of the body. So if your persistent headaches are from an at work accident, then you will visit a neurologist. If you have issues with a torn ligament, then an orthopedic doctor can help you. The workers' compensation insurance carrier has a network of recommended physicians that they refer injured employees to, so follow their instructions to help the claims process go easier.


One-time Doctor Change

According to Florida statute 440.13(2)(f), an injured employee is allowed to change their doctor once during a single claim. This is an important decision to think about, and it is best done with a lawyer on your side. A workers' compensation attorney can determine if your current doctor is the one best suited to treat your injuries. Don't take the decision to change doctors lightly.

We know that you may not get along with your doctor when it comes to their opinion of your injuries or the best way to treat them. You have rights when it comes to negotiating with them, but a disagreement with your doctor could have an effect on your case.

The Coye Law Firm's attorneys and staff dedicate their time to helping injured people get better. We handle workers' compensation claims for all types of injuries, and we want to help you. Call our offices to get an attorney's guidance, no matter where you are in the process of a workers' compensation claim.