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Workers' Compensation Online Resources

Here is a list of helpful links for those seeking workers compensation benefits or settlements. Below each link, you'll find a brief overview of how to use the information and how it may be helpful to your case and recovery.

The Coye Law Firm can be an invaluable ally in your workers compensation claim. We will fight for your lost wages and medical benefits if you've been injured on the job. Medical visits and care are expensive enough, but if you're unable to work because of an injury that occurred at work, it can devastate you and your family. You can hold your employer responsible for these losses with a dedicated workers compensation lawyer. Acting quickly can give you the best chance at recovering the full amount you are owed. Call the Coye Law Firm today. 

Florida Resources

Florida Division of Administrative Hearings: Compensation Claims Case Search
This website allows you to search for information and progress on your workers compensation case. You can search by many different aspects, including by the petitioner, respondent, and counsel. This is a good resource to consult if you are waiting for a resolution to your case and want to check its progress quickly. 

Florida Division of Workers' Compensation
The FDWC website has a wealth of information on workers compensation claims and cases. Everyone involved in these claims, including insurers and health care providers, can go to this website for more information about their rights and responsibilities. Below are more specific documents and pages that will help you if you've been injured. 

Injured Employee Resources
This page outlines all of the information needed to file a claim and begin the process of recovery, both medical and financial. 

Injured Workers FAQs
Here is a list of general questions asked by injured workers in their medical and work-related matters. 

Worker's Compensation System Guide
This is a guide to the way workers compensation claims are handled in the state of Florida. While this resource is good for a general overview, it doesn't take the place of experienced legal advice that the Coye Law Firm can give you. 

Wage Statement form 
This document is necessary for an employer to have completed when an injury occurs on the job. This form contains reporting instructions and deadlines, which you can hold your employer accountable for in the event of an injury. 

Employee Earnings Report form 
This form requires an injured worker to report the amount they have recovered for their compensation claim. The top of the form states that an employee must complete it within 21 days of a request, so keep it accessible.

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration 
Workers Compensation Managed Care 
This website is a valuable resource because it lists providers of medical care for injured workers. It can be difficult to find an appropriate physician that accepts certain insurance plans. This website answers specific questions regarding health care networks and has a list of providers for you to search through. 

Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation 
You can find the criteria needed to get and maintain a professional license in Florida at this website. If you notice that some guidelines are being violated by your employer, it may help your workers compensation case.

Florida Statute on Workers Compensation 
You can read the whole law on workers' compensation at the link above. This resource provides a lot of information on specific aspects of the process and requirements for a claim. The length of time between the injury and a claim can be important for recovering adequate compensation, and that part of the statute is found here .


National & Federal Resources

Injured Workers Pharmacy 
The Injured Workers Pharmacy helps those who have been injured by taking over the duty of collecting payments from insurance companies. If you have been injured at work, this website may be able to help you get the medication you need without having to fight for it. 

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 
The Centers for Disease Control have developed this website as a database of information to prevent employees from being hurt at work. The site has information on diseases, injuries, and at-work accidents that can occur because of hazardous conditions. 

Occupational Safety and Health Administration 
OSHA is a division of the United States Department of Labor that was developed to protect citizens in the workforce. Here, you can report hazardous conditions before they cause injuries and learn about some dangers in certain jobs. 

Americans with Disabilities Act 
The Americans with Disabilities Act protects workers who have limitations in the workplace. Injured workers may not be able to fully recover, but still need to return to the workplace. The ADA protects the rights of these workers. This website has information on the law and how it can help you. For more information on disabilities in the workplace, and to pursue legal action if you've been discriminated against because of one, consult the Disability Discrimination page.


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