Temporary Partial Disability in Florida Workers' Compensation

How Do I Recover Lost Wages from an On-The-Job Injury?

Someone who has been injured on the job can tell you that the cost of an injury isn't limited to medical bills. Severe injuries can keep people from working the same amount they used to, or it can prevent them from working altogether. If you are dealing with the injuries caused by an at-work accident, you may be entitled to temporary partial disability benefits to help make up for your lost wages.

What is "Partial Disability" in Worker's Comp?

When someone is unable to work due to an illness or injury, they may be able to claim disability benefits. These payments can help the person support themselves even though they are not working and earning an income during recovery. Employees with a workers' compensation claim may be eligible for these benefits if they stop or severely limit their time spent working.

Qualifying for Temporary Partial Disability in Worker's Comp

Workers' compensation benefits depend on your doctor's assessment of your injuries. If they say that you are unable to work, you need to provide your employer with a note that says so. When it comes to temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits, the most important thing is the amount of you work your doctor says you are able to do. If they state that your injuries prevent you from working at full capacity, which makes you unable to earn 80% of the wages you were earning before your injury, then you may be able to claim TPD.

How Long Can I Get Disability Benefits for Worker's Comp?

Temporary partial disability benefits are not paid to workers during the first 7 days of their disability, unless their disability has lasted for more 21 days from the date of accident and the date determined by a doctor. In certain situations, injured workers may be able to claim 80% of their regular wages for the six months following the accident. These benefits are usually given to severely injured workers.

Do I Need an Attorney to Get Worker's Comp Benefits?

Temporary partial disability benefits depend on many things, including your doctor's impairment rating and the wages you were earning prior to your accident. An experienced workers' compensation attorney can help you claim all of the benefits you can during your recovery from an on-the-job injury. 


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