A face-to-face meeting is one of the first steps in any workers' compensation claim. An initial consultation allows an attorney to:

  • Explain the workers' compensation process;
  • Read and review important documents;
  • Discuss the details of your claim;
  • Address your questions and concerns. 

Each law firm has a different method of conducting meetings, but there are a few standard aspects of an initial consultation that a potential client should know about.

New clients often wonder what they should bring to an initial consultation if they've never met with an attorney or case manager before. 

4 Documents You Should Bring to Your Initial Consultation with a Workers' Comp Attorney

If you have any of the following, please bring them to the initial consultation:

1) Medical Records: Although most law offices will contact a doctor's office directly for official medical records, attorneys like to have them from the very beginning of a workers' comp case. The records have the phone numbers, addresses, and names that the attorney needs to proceed.

2) Correspondence from the Health Care Provider or Insurance Company: This is a very important part of a workers' comp claim. Dates and instructions can effect the outcome of a case, so be sure to alert your attorney whenever you are contacted in regards to your on-the-job injuries.

3) First Report of Injury or Illness: This form is essential. Verbally notifying your employer of an on-the-job injury is enough to have it covered by Florida's workers' compensation system, but having the notice in writing is physical proof that you are following protocol. Bring a copy of this form so your attorney can see all of the names and contact information listed on it.

4) Pay Stubs: Bring paycheck stubs for the 14 weeks prior to your accident at work. Our office and the workers' comp system need these documents to calculate your average weekly wage (AWW). We need at least 14 weeks worth of stubs, but if you do not have 14 weeks worth of pay stubs, just bring in as many as you can.

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