The more help and advice you have at hand, the better equipped you’ll be to pursue and explain your claim. Therefore, we provide (and use) a widespread network of resources in order to ensure that we have all the information we need to make your claim a success. Look over some of the resources we use and see how they’re essential for a strong claim.

Workers' Compensation

  • Florida Division of Administrative Hearings: Compensation Claims Case Search

    This website allows you to search for information and progress on your workers compensation case. You can search by many different aspects, including by the petitioner, respondent, and counsel. This is a good resource to consult if you are waiting for a resolution to your case and want to check its progress quickly.

  • Florida Division of Workers' Compensation

    The FDWC website has a wealth of information on workers compensation claims and cases. Everyone involved in these claims, including insurers and health care providers, can go to this website for more information about their rights and responsibilities. Below are more specific documents and pages that will help you if you've been injured.

  • Injured Workers Pharmacy

    The Injured Workers Pharmacy helps those who have been injured by taking over the duty of collecting payments from insurance companies. If you have been injured at work, this website may be able to help you get the medication you need without having to fight for it.

  • Employee Earnings Report Form

    This form requires an injured worker to report the amount they have recovered for their compensation claim. The top of the form states that an employee must complete it within 21 days of a request, so keep it accessible.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act

    The Americans with Disabilities Act protects workers who have limitations in the workplace. Injured workers may not be able to fully recover, but still need to return to the workplace. The ADA protects the rights of these workers. This website has information on the law and how it can help you.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration

    OSHA is a division of the United States Department of Labor that was developed to protect citizens in the workforce. Here, you can report hazardous conditions before they cause injuries and learn about some dangers in certain jobs.

  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

    The Centers for Disease Control have developed this website as a database of information to prevent employees from being hurt at work. The site has information on diseases, injuries, and at-work accidents that can occur because of hazardous conditions.

  • Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation

    You can find the criteria needed to get and maintain a professional license in Florida at this website. If you notice that some guidelines are being violated by your employer, it may help your workers compensation case.

  • Worker's Compensation System Guide

    This is a guide to the way workers compensation claims are handled in the state of Florida. While this resource is good for a general overview, it doesn't take the place of experienced legal advice that the Coye Law Firm can give you. 

Disability Law

  • The National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

    This resource helps parents and families educate themselves and their communities on childhood disabilities.

  • SSA's Guide to Working While Disabled

    This resource aims to help people recover from their disability and financial strains. Often times, the disability benefits are not enough to live on. If you can and want to work, use this resource.

  • U.S Military Job Search Site

    This is a U.S military job search site for wounded veterans. Employers can submit job postings to the site if they are interested in helping disabled veterans and wounded warriors. The "Military Skills Translator" tool can help veterans make the transition to civilian employment after returning from combat.

  • Disabled American Veterans

    Disabled American Veterans is a non-profit group that works as an advocate for service members with lasting injuries. World War I veterans began the group in 1920 to work toward common goals relating to their disabilities. Individuals can join local chapters, volunteer for the organization, work toward government assistance, and browse publications by exploring their website.


    A government-sponsored website that aims to help disabled people of all ages. This section of their website has resources and tools for those seeking employment.

  • Social Security Administration Job Search

    Jobs are available through the Social Security Administration, including Ticket to Work. Their strategy helps disabled workers slowly get back to work and depending on earned wages rather than benefits.

  • The American Association of People with Disabilities

    The American Association of People with Disabilities is the largest non-profit organization in the United States that represents members with all types of disabilities. AAPD members get benefits including government advocacy, mentoring programs, employment opportunities, monthly newsletters, optional insurance policies, and discounts.

  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

    This is an office sponsored by the U.S. government to prevent discrimination in the workplace. The advocate for people with disabilities and have a complete overview of what exactly constitutes discrimination. 

  • The National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives

    This is a good resource for attorney and the claimants they represent.