“It’s absolutely insane that anyone would go to Dan Newlin or Morgan and Morgan after reading their reviews.”

Our client was injured while performing his normal tasks working at a car dealership. Due to the constant use of a machine, he developed a repetitive trauma injury in his left wrist and chronically dislocated his left thumb. Previously, he had injured his right wrist and had surgery to fix the issue. He lost 40% of his grip and 40% of his range of motion in that hand. Both of his hands were painful to use, and he just couldn’t do his job normally anymore. He knew he didn’t want to continue working.


Our client then injured his back at work and learned he had multiple bulging discs. He knew he needed an attorney. He researched a couple local attorneys and came upon our firm’s website. He was impressed by the lack of negative reviews we’ve received. In addition to his sister recommending us, one of our client’s friends had opened a case with Dan Newlin and seriously regretted the decision. Our client had also previously consulted with Morgan and Morgan for help on his social security claim, and stated that “they did nothing” on his case. He decided that the Coye Law Firm would be the best fit for him.


After signing with us, he started receiving all of the treatment that he needed for his wrists and his back. He received cortisone shots to help the pain, and went through a successful surgery on his left wrist. The surgery was incredibly painful and frustrating for our client. He suffered an even larger loss of grip, and was unable to ride his motorcycle for half of a year. His hand was in a brace for over four months, and he had to keep it completely still for that length of time. His doctor tried to release him to go back to work with restrictions a few weeks after his surgery, but our client was uncomfortable with that. He expected four months to recover as his thumb was being held together by “4 pieces of fishing line.” He was in a touchy situation with his employer because there really wasn’t a light duty position at his job.


Our client was very grateful for the guidance that Atiya and the Workers’ Compensation department provided for him. Up North where he was from, the work comp process is a little more lenient. Atiya explained that in Florida, there are no benefits for pain and suffering, and that continued treatment could wear out his work comp benefits. Although this information was "hard for him to swallow," he appreciated that Atiya was honest and "kept it real with him."

After making the decision to settle his case, he received a tentative number within three weeks. Less than a month after that, he had a check in his hands. His settlement amount was realistic to him because Atiya explained his options well, and he was always aware of every step we were taking in his case. He really “leaned on Atiya for her experience and knowledge” with the workers' compensation system. He was impressed with the speed of the process and happy with his settlement result!


As of today, our client isn’t where he would like to be, but he is markedly improving. Receiving his settlement was a huge relief because he no longer had to stress about paying his medical bills. As far as his injuries, his hands are getting better but the only option left for him is to undergo a fusion and risk an even larger loss of motion in his hand. He had to buy an easy open jar “for old people," but still thinks he would rather live with the pain than get another surgery. His back is still giving him issues, and he can’t walk or stand for a long period of time. He is having trouble finding a doctor to do surgery on his back, but our office is now assisting him with his social security case, and assisting him with his future back surgery.


Our client would definitely refer and recommend our firm! When he first started out in his work comp journey, his biggest concern was not being just a number. After looking through countless reviews for other firms, he realized a common issue was a lack of communication. Our reviews revealed no issues with communication, and he stated he was treated just like our reviews said he would be. He said: “It’s absolutely insane that anyone would go to Dan Newlin or Morgan and Morgan after reading their reviews.”


We are glad our client is happy, and we look forward to helping him even more through his social security claim!