Before coming to Coye Law Firm, a different firm represented me and my experience with them was terrible! I didn’t feel like they did anything for me. I had to submit paperwork myself, and overall I was very displeased and disappointed.

Once I called the Coye Law Firm and met David MacWilliams, my nerves were finally at ease. David made me feel comfortable and the entire staff was very friendly and courteous. I felt informed throughout the process, and I had peace of mind. The process was smooth sailing from there!

Before the hearing, I had a lot of nerves. But I called Marchella and she told me, “Don’t’ you worry! We got this.” I thought to myself. “OK, she’s got this!” and after that I wasn’t stressed at all.

When Marchella arrived at my hearing, she was so confident and calm. When the Judge finally said the words: “Your decision is favorable.” I gave Marchella a big ‘ole hug! I Thank God for sending me to Coye Law Firm.

Joann C., Winter Garden, FL