A happy client swung by my office today to pick up her well-deserved settlement check. Her daughter had been injured at a day care after smashing her fingers on the playground. 

“In the beginning of my claim, I hired an attorney in Miami. They didn’t communicate very well and I didn’t hear much for a few months. After about 6 months, that firm told me they couldn’t help and that I should seek another attorney.”

“I did a search in my area and made a few calls. But when I contacted the Coye Law Firm, there was no question that this was the firm I needed to go with.”

"I received a warm welcome in their office, and Ursula Remy explained a LOT of details to me about what could happen. My past attorneys did not do this for me.”

“I was afraid in the beginning about getting help for me and my child, but I could tell that Coye law had a passion for helping families."

"Ursula made sure to let me know that she was available to answer any questions. She said “Don’t be shy!” She answered all of my emails quickly and consistently. The great communication was the biggest difference for me."

"If someone asked me why they should choose Coye Law Firm, I would give them a LIST of reasons! But most importantly, I would say they will get you the help you need, they communicate and they’re fast.”

-A.M., Orlando, FL