Personal Injury Testimonials

You should never solely rely on an attorney’s view of himself (every lawyer thinks he’s the best). This is why we allow our clients to speak for us. Come read the personal accounts of our past clients and how we were able to serve them. We want you to feel comfortable in your choice of representation. 

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  • "Our case was a roller coaster!"

    Our family has had four cases with the Coye Law Firm and with favorable results each time, we knew we had to go with them again this time. They did an incredible job with our daughter's case and we love the way the staff works with people. Any fears we had have gone away because we feel so comfortable here. Our case was a roller coaster. I was terrified to get surgery and I really needed it. My attorney, Ursula Remy, helped me to feel better about the costs and after-effects and it was nice not to worry about that while recovering.  Ursula was always very informative and helpful, up to the very end as she explained how a closing statement works. Everyone we have worked with at this firm has been great! E.C. & N.C., Kissimmee, Fl

  • Coye Law Firm did everything for me that I couldn't do

    "After my injury, I first hired a law firm in Tampa. But they were very sporadic and unorganized so I decided to switch to Coye Law Firm. A family member referred me to Coye Law Firm and they had great things to say.  What I like the most about Coye Law Firm is the interaction. Everyone was very friendly to talk to on the phone. There was no hassle and everything was explained to me well. Coye Law Firm did everything for me that I couldn't do. They made all the necessary phone calls on my behalf and took care of the thing I was most worried about: medical treatment.  Coye Law Firm is a great law firm. They absolutely met my expectations." 

    C.R., Debary, FL
  • Personal injury client says "Coye Law Firm is a company that does everything on time."

    "One of my good friends worked with [Coye Law Firm] and said you guys were the best! Coye Law Firm is a company that doeseverything on time and tries to resolve the problem to 100%." "I'd say go with Coye Law Firm. They are the best of the best! Thank you!"

    D.O., Orlando, FL
  • Great service, quality care, quick response

    This personal injury client hired our firm after he was referred by a friend.  "I liked the quality care that I received by the staff," he stated. "Great service, quality care, quick response. Thank you for your services and quality care."   

    A.L., Geneva, Fl
  • First impressions are important to me, and the way I was treated from the first time I walked in has been wonderful.

                                                   "I had a back injury after I fell from a dumpster at my job, injuring my L4 and L5 disks. I came across The Coye Law Firm online and I decided to go with him. First impressions are very important to me, and the way I was treated from the first time I walked in has been wonderful. A law firm is a business, but here I could feel the warmth and customer service. Mr. Coye, Dan and Salim were wonderful, and if I had not come here I am sure things would have been much worse."  

    R.H., Kissimmee, Fl