A client of ours with a personal injury case that recently settled could not have been more pleased with his experience at our law firm! He chose the Coye Law Firm because of our good online reviews. 

"This was the first time I had been in a situation like this and I felt that the Coye Law Firm was best suited to handle my case. At first, I was afraid to hire an attorney at all because I worried it would put me in debt."

We were sure to call him every other week to keep him updated on his case and though it was a stressful situation, he knew we had his back.

"I appreciated that the staff was always 100% professional and courteous, especially Mary Kate and Enya."

We worked to take care of every aspect of his case, kept him updated every step of the way, and are happy to report that with the settlement he was awarded, he was able to get back on his feet financially.