"I saw the Coye Law Firm on a TV commercial, and Wade just looked trustworthy."

This dual Social Security and Workers' Compensation client liked everyone that he worked with here at the firm, including WadeAtiya, and Cheyenne.

Our client was hesitant to seek legal representation after his injury, because he had never dealt with a situation like this before. He didn't know what to expect! He just knew he wanted someone to look out for him

"Wade remembered details about my family, outside of the case. He is personable and easy-going. 

"It was always easy to talk to someone when I needed help. Even when Atiya wasn't available, I could speak to Cheyenne to hold me over until my attorney could call me."

"Coye Law helped with all of the paperwork, and filled out the minute details, especially for my Social Security claim."

"I felt like a person to them, and not just a number."

JM, Sorrento, FL