Wade Coye from the Coye Law Firm speaks about repairing damage to a vehicle after an accident. Many people are not aware that the victim of a car accident has the right to choose which type of repair facility they can go to repair their car.

Sometimes when people have been in an accident, one of their concerns is they need to be able to figure out how they're going to be able to get their property damage fixed on their car, and oftentimes the at-fault driver's car insurance will direct the person to some type of a repair facility. We do find that in some cases these are repair facilities that the insurance companies like to use on a routine basis because it saves them money, and that works out well for our clients providing that their property damage has been repaired, but it can sometimes cause problems in the extent that the amount of the property damage is significantly underestimated. In that type of a circumstance, the person does need to know that they can go to any type of repair facility and get estimates from any type of authorized repair facility, and that could be what the measure of damages is for the property damage to someone's vehicle.