It's important when you've been an accident that you're getting the right kind of medical care. Going to see a family doctor is sometimes a good first step but after that sometimes a specialist is needed if it some type of an orthopedic injury an orthopedic specialist is helpful, although, it is important to inquire of the doctor if they're used to treating accident victims and are familiar with the court system.

We found that there are some doctors that not only are they not interested in treating victims of car accidents in particular, they may specifically have client-side things that says that that doctor is unwilling to go to court to provide them with testimony. That can mean that that person does not have their doctor behind them to provide testimony about the nature of the injuries of what type of future care may be needed. That may effectively mean that they are not going to have any type of recovery in the court system.

So it's important upfront to understand what type of cases that that doctor has been handling and whether that doctor is willing if necessary to provide testimony in a court proceeding on a person's behalf of the injuries they've sustained in some type of an accident.